For the 18 years of my existence in this world, I feel so blessed because I have a lot of persons around me that loves me the most, no words can express nor explain what I felt but I’m very gratefull more than everyone think !! MA,MAMA,MOMMY,LOLA,TITA !!!


Rough Time……

These past few days feels like hell I was so bitchy and baddest person ever!!!///WHY////
Because I’m too serious… I didn’t get that things are only JOKES!!! I can’t ride on that STUPID Jokes..

So things ended it was my fault ( but he is not blaming me????? Ok whatever!!!!
fq 4
I’ve done a lot. i have defended myself towards the others and they will never I understand me, No one would ever understand me!!!
fq 3
I make things bigger ! OUCH….
fq 2

but we need to understand FRIENDS ~ a relationship and a thing that can be given and entitled to anyone BUT a TRUE friend is someone who will support you, no matter it’s your fault or not, as long as the significance of friendship and the consideration of your strong ties.. 😉

Like what I said on my posts on fb last April 7….

“18th bday celebration ?Debut? Gastos, Kaartehan? on typical thinking…. BUT knowing the efforts of the persons who truly loves me!!!! OMG….I’m learning to appreciate it!!! HA HA AHA AHA AYYLAABBBYYOWWWW POOOOOO!!! — feeling stressed.”
~ I feel so blessed to have them, their countless efforts and huge secrets and surprises ( I don’t freakin care if it’s going to be embarassing for me or not :))““`

My Friends
““ Honestly, I am in the midst of tampo
because most of them promised then later ,they can’t come (it’s very sad on my part though I understand the season but IDK)
And those who I am not expecting asssure theirselves of coming….

This is the reason why I can’t finalize those list of 18 roses, candles,gift and etc.

Everything is really stressing mom rejected the invitations so no choice lay out again!!! photoshoots!! scan pictures!! I have no flash drive!!! everything is IDK…….

Ok for those who can make it SEE YOU on the 20th..6 pm guys..:)))))))

A Cotton Stone

You may be wondering why this is my title, yes! it’s confusing but it only means “ME”, a hard stone as you see, a soft as a cotton deeply. This essay is just about me , a girl with a brave personality as everyone says but you have no idea how thoughtful I can be for those who really appreciates me .This essay of mine intends to bring the hidden me to the people who judged me without knowing me yet and to those who still hates me even though I’m always with them.
Stone is a naturally occurring solid aggregate of one or more minerals or mineraloids.,yes that was a science definition, but to me a rock is a simple representation of my half, me as a strong friend that you can lean on during problems ,specially heartaches. A stone that might hurt others if they step on with bare foot, literally saying I will depend myself no matter what. A stone that can build a home and be a start of a something better , I am someone who loved to help even in a very tiny, simple ways.
Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective capsule, around the seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossypium , wikipedia said. But again for me it’s a simple representation of my remaining half. A cotton that helps you to cure your wounds, I’m your number one listener and pain reliever when it comes to pains and aches of life. A cotton that will pamper you, to make you feel better and comfortable.
Just like your life I have my own ups and downs, in family, love life and my own personal insecurities. Prejudices makes me sad and angry but those prejudices gives me a better understanding how small those minds of those people who judged and my mind says “ prove them wrong ,show them what you’ve got!”, so here am I a still standing ,chin up! chill out!
A stone and a cotton can’t really be as one but for me they are “ME”, I’m a like a soft cotton that can tear apart but in the end can be with the others as one, a stone that was everywhere but can be mold again by volcanic eruptions or I might say challenges of life. In short in the end if you are a stone,a cotton or any object under the sun, how would you describe yourself, you will still fall down on the bottomline is this for the better or worse me.




        17 years of existence, she’s been through life’s ups and downs. She was treasured by the best people in the world  ,who’d shown love beyond expectations, care behind those strict stares and an everlasting support behind some opposed decisions. Now she grew up, soon to be a lady, she felt victory and sadness.

Victory,  knowing that she will get out on the fence that her dad guard her all throughout. Release herself on those meaningful stares that her mom used to throw every time a guy will come near her. Peace of mind from her overprotective aunts and uncles who loves to give their litany of words of wisdom always. Soon she will freely fly on the democratic stage of her life. She will totally go out of her box.

Sadness , on the part that those people that she used to be with is no longer on her side. She need to faced the disturbing and judgmental  world independently, it makes her scared!

She wants to go back to the past where she thought her wounded knees are the most painful ache she will felt, but later on she found out ,it’s easier to cure a wounded knees than to cure a broken heart. She loves to cry whenever she woke up without her mom on her side, but her tears can’t help to fall when she realized that the person she love left without a word.

Her regrettable yesterdays  with faded memories and rusting experiences makes her the person she is right now. Yes, it was victory , party ,freedom, independency. But behind those colorful make-ups, dazzling clothes, expensive shoes and vivid jewelries ,she felt sadness, she cries inside. She has no one to hug when she was scared,she has no one to fight over the popcorns during movie marathons, there is no one to nag when she woke up late in the morning and there is no one to say “Take Care baby, study well,we love you !”.

She missed those times where her only job is to play ,to eat ,to sleep and to vandal the walls and tables with her crayons . The times where she will just run freely and her mom will chased after her. Times where her mom will tell a bedtime story, stir a glass of milk with matching lullaby even out of the tone .

The innocent young girl with no problems ,no worries and no responsibilities to fulfill. Those innocent eyes with a big sweet smile that makes everyone sees her happy. She desperately wants to go back to that Innocence where she has no knowledge on things around her, no pimples at all and lastly to the arms where she can feel the warmth of love and chill of care from her mom and dad ,that will never let her go.



ImageShe’s very pretty and nice!! Hope this won”t be the last !


Gosh! What happened to my week!, everything,everyone is pulling me down! What i have done to you people! 

I didn”t kill, I didn”t steal ?????? why are they like this to me!!!

“There are moments when troubles enter our lives and we can do nothing to avoid them.
But they are there for a reason. Only when we have overcome them will we understand why they were there.”
Paulo Coelho, The Fifth Mountain

iIve been a good friend to them, I treat and respect them like human!!!

“Don’t let the muggles get you down.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Is there something wrong with me ?